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7 September 2020 - 8 September 2020
Virtual Event
Open Innovation in Life Sciences 2020


What are the registration fees for the conference?

Since we are completely virtual, we only ask for a 15 chf to help defray the costs of online hosting to provide a good virtual conferencing experience. 

As an added perk for Zurich locals, we are also happy to provide complimentary drinks if you choose to attend the Pint of Science festival happening in Zurich on the same days of the conference. Just check in with a Pint of Science organizer when you arrive at the event.

Do I need to attend both days of the conference?

Now that we are are a virtual conference, you may attend whichever days and session you want.

Open Innovation Day is for anyone who is possibly interested in open science and open innovation. It does not matter what title you are or career stage you are at. Panel discussions and talks are for all.

Career Development Day is specifically geared towards the career development of early career researchers. It may be not quite suited for those seasoned in their careers, but many young scientists may be looking for career mentors! 

If you are a Student and PostDoc. we feel that you get the most out of OILS by attending both days. 

What if I change my mind about the sessions I want to attend?

Selected sessions during registration are non-binding meaning you can change your choices after you register on your b2match profile account. Some workshops are limited in space to be more effective.

Why do I have to select all the sessions I want to attend?

Selecting sessions helps us to arrange an appropriate online solutions for every session so that the virtual experience is best suited to the size of the audience.

What is One-to-One Matchmaking?

Our participant list is public so you can see who is attending the conference. When you select a 'Matchmaking' session, other participants can choose to make an appointment with you during this time and you can schedule meetings with participants who have also chosen the same session. This is a great way to network, initiate contacts and projects. Please see our 'How Matchmaking works' page for more info.

Please note, that since we are a virtual conference now, all one-to-one meetings can be done online directly on our b2match platform.

Don't see your question answered?

Please contact us and ask at open@lifescience.uzh.ch.

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